100% kiwi to the bottom of the bag

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Our Chips

Our potato chips are made from potatoes grown by a New Zealand farmer, in a
New Zealand paddock and processed in a
New Zealand-owned factory. It's fair to say that a potato chip doesn't get more Kiwi-made than that.

Heartland Potato Chips look so good and taste so fresh because they are carefully checked every step of the way - from the selection of the ideal potato variety and the quality of the soil it's planted into, through to the careful harvesting and transporting of Heartland potatoes the short distance to the Timaru factory.

They are then cooked to perfection in canola and sunflower oil (not the nasty palm oil variety), and flavoured using gluten free flavourings.

The result of all this attention to detail is an outstanding - and 100% Kiwi - potato chip.

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